The Rostrata school community believes that the wearing of a school uniform establishes a positive tone within our school

Encourages a
sense of pride

  • Enhances the public image of the school
  • Encourages equality among students
  • Ensures students are dressed safely for school activities
  • Protects the children from the sun
  • Fosters a sense of community.

The following items are the school uniform for Rostrata Primary School:

Summer: Royal blue shorts, uniform polo shirt, school hat
Winter:  Royal blue shorts, long pants, uniform polo shirt, school winter jacket, school hat

Summer:  Royal blue shorts, skorts or skirts, uniform polo shirt, uniform dress, school hat
Winter:  Royal blue shorts, long pants, uniform polo shirt, school winter jacket, school hat

School hats are required to be worn at all times for all activities outside the classroom. The school endorses the ‘no hat no play’ policy.

Faction Shirts
Faction shirts can be worn on Phys Ed, sport and carnival days.
Collins (orange), Riley (red), Mason (green) and Willett (blue).

A school bag is also available at the uniform shop.

School uniforms can be purchased through Uniform Concepts Willetton Superstore, located at 30 Kembla Way, Willetton WA 6155.

Dress Code

  1. This Dress Code applies to all students enrolled at, and attending, Rostrata Primary School.
  2. Application and acceptance of enrolment in Rostrata Primary School assumes acceptance of the Dress Code unless a parent and/or legal guardian of a student seeks modification of the code for that particular student, and the school accepts that modification. The School will consider modification of the Dress Code for particular students for reasons of religion, health, culture, or other legitimate reasons.
  3. All students must comply with the Dress Code when attending Rostrata Primary School.
  4. Students are to wear the Rostrata Primary School uniform when at school, except on advertised special occasions students are permitted to wear other clothing.
  5. Students are encouraged to wear faction t-shirts at sporting events and at extra curricular activities.
  6. Students are to wear appropriately covered footwear when at school.
  7. Students are to wear a Rostrata Primary School hat when at school.
  8. Students are not permitted to wear make-up or jewellery at school with the exception of small sleeper or stud earrings and a watch.

Second Hand Uniforms

Second Hand uniforms are managed by the P&C who gladly accept donations from families who have outgrown their uniforms. Please donate any items in the donations bin inside the front office.

These items are then put on sale throughout the year by the P&C. Please email for information on second hand uniforms.

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