Welcome to Rostrata Primary School


To reduce the risk of accidents around our school, all parents are encouraged to read and follow these guidelines. It is also important that other people who may take your child to and from school (eg grandparents, babysitters) are made aware of this information.

Student & parent safety is our priority

School Crossing Warden

The School Crossing Warden works at the Rostrata Avenue crossing in front of the school every morning and afternoon on school days.  Please encourage your children to use this crossing.

  • Follow the Warden’s directions.
  • Wait for two whistles before crossing.
  • Cyclists must walk their bikes across the crossing.

Walking, Cycling/Scooting to School

We encourage children to walk, ride and scoot to school to reduce traffic congestion. Bike and scooter racks are provided at the Concraige Way entry and adjacent to the Drive-Through accessed by Rostrata Ave.

  • Students must wear bike helmets when riding/scooting to and from school.
  • Students must walk their bikes or scooters once they enter the school grounds.

Click the link here for a printable version of the Safe Routes to School Brochure

Drop-off/Pick-up zones

These are NO PARKING areas where parents can drop-off or pick-up their children.
There are 2 drop-off/pick-up zones –

  • Concraige Way;
  • ‘Drive-Through’ between Rostrata Avenue and Glenmoy Avenue.

No parking is permitted in these zones between 8.00am-9.00am and 2.30pm-3.30pm.

Please click to download the pick up and drop off brochure.

Morning Drop-off

  • Drive as far forward as you can along the drop-off zone and pull in close to the kerb.
  • Only stay in the bay long enough to ensure that your child is safely within the school grounds.
  • Please ensure that your child steps out of the car on the school side to avoid accidents with cars and bikes on the road.
  • If you wish to accompany your child into the school grounds, do not park in the drop-off zone.

Afternoon Pick-up

  • Make arrangements with your child to be waiting for you at a designated safe point where they can see you arrive.
  • Allow time for them to pack their bags and walk to the pick-up zone.(Children are not dismissed until 3:00pm)
  • Children are to wait in shaded areas. Children are not permitted to play games or play on equipment while waiting for parents.
  • If your child is not there, move on and park outside the pick-up zone, or drive around the loop, and re-enter the pick-up zone.

Administration Car Park

  • The car park on Rostrata Avenue is only available to administration staff and visitors.
  • Parents are not permitted to park in the administration car park bays (on the Rostrata Avenue side of the car park) under any circumstances.


Concraige Way

Staff Car Park & Canteen Car Park

These car parks are for the use of staff and canteen personnel only.

To prevent children on the path being hit by reversing vehicles, parents are not permitted to drop off or pickup their children in these car parks or driveways.

Concraige Way Drop Off/Pick-up Zone

This zone is enforced by the Council Ranger.

One Way Traffic in Concraige Way

Concraige Way functions as a one-way street before and after school to ease congestion and increase safety.

Motorists are requested to enter Concraige Way via Marwood Way.

The Drive-Through

The entry to the Drive-Through is via Rostrata Avenue and the exit is into Glenmoy Avenue.  It is a one-way road.

The Drive-Through has –

  • A DROP-OFF/PICK-UP zone where parking is not allowed.
  • A CROSSING POINT at the corner where vehicles must give way to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • PARKING BAYS on both sides of the road between the Crossing Corner and Glenmoy Avenue.

Bus Bays

These will be marked with orange markers on days when buses are expected in the drive-through to pick up or drop off children for excursions, sporting carnivals or other events.  Please do not park between or close to markers, so that the buses can park safely.

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