Medication can only be administered by school staff if appropriate documentation has been completed by parents/carers. This applies to both prescribed and non-prescribed medication

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Short term Use of Medication (up to two weeks)

For administration of short term medication such as a course of antibiotics, our school requires written authority from parents/carers. This authority can be provided by completing an Administration of Medication- Form 3 and a Record of Health  – Form 12.

Long Term Use of Medication

If you require the school to administer medication to your child for a period of more than two weeks, and if you have not already done so, you may need to complete a Student Health Care Summary and a Management/Emergency Response Plan for your child’s particular health need.
In most instances, this documentation will have been completed when you enrolled your child or as a part of the school’s process for updating student health records. If this is not the case, please discuss with the school officer.

Individual Medical Plan

It is important to inform the school if your child has a medical condition which may affect their daily health and well-being e.g. allergy to bee stings or food, asthma, diabetes, etc. Your Medical Practitioner will develop an Individual Health Plan to be displayed at school to assist your child if there is an emergency situation.

Parents are required to inform the school immediately of any changes to these details.

Food Allergies

Rostrata Primary School is an allergy aware school.

Please encourage children not to share food with other students.

It is requested you talk to your child’s teacher when sending food to school for birthday celebrations.


There are students attending Rostrata who have a life-threatening, allergic reaction to a variety of nut types.

The school requests your assistance in supporting these students by keeping all food sent to school “nut free.”

Administration of Medications

Should your child require medication during school hours, a consent form, available at the front office, must be completed.

Emergency Contact Information

All details need to be kept current. Please inform the office of any changes to emergency contact numbers or people.

School Nurse

Not on site. This service is provided by the Health Department to undertake health assessments. Visits can be requested by the school if parents or staff have medical concerns that may impact student’s ability to learn.


Who can use this service?

All school children from Kindy to Year 11 (who attend schools recognised by the Education Department) limited by the need to be turning five years of age in the first year of enrolment and until the age of 17 years, are eligible for enrolment in the School Dental Service.  Enrolment is optional and may be withdrawn at any time.  Students at Rostrata Primary School are usually seen at the Mt Henry Dental Therapy Centre, 43 Mt Henry Rd Salter Point  Ph: 9313 0552

What type of care is provided?

Children are provided with free general dental services such as check-ups and advice, preventive treatments, fillings and teeth cleaning if required.  Most care is provided by Dental Therapists.  Specialist care, such as orthodontics, is not available but parents will be advised if it is identified that their child would benefit from this care.

NB:  Appointments to enrolled children are posted home.  Please ensure you update your contact details with the clinic if you change address.

Other children's services - 0-4 years

It is recommended that all children have a check-up at around 2 years of age.  Your family dentist can provide this care.

If you have a child aged 0-4 years, whose name appears on your Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card, then your child is also able to attend a Government Dental Clinic.  See for details of locations.

Where can I access emergency care after hours?

  • Emergency Clinic, E Block Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Nedlands  Ph: 93467626
  • After-hours emergency service for Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card holders only Ph: 93253452
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