Thank you for your interest in an enrolment at Rostrata Primary School.


The Department of Education has designated Rostrata Primary School as a LOCAL INTAKE AREA school. Local-intake schools have a designated geographical area from which enrolments are taken. Students and their family MUST live within the designated school boundary to attend Rostrata Primary School.

Local Boundary Map

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Guidelines for Application for Enrolment (Eligibility Criteria and Supporting Documentation)

Enrolment in a public school is a two-step process.

STEP 1: Application for Enrolment

  • Parents lodge an Application for Enrolment Form with the school including all supporting documentation required as per the Guidelines – Application for Enrolment
  • Both of these forms can be downloaded from this webpage and the Application form can be typed into.
  • The school will advise you if your application is successful and then you can complete Step 2.

STEP 2: Enrolment Form

  • Once your Application for Enrolment is accepted, then you must complete the details within the Enrolment Form along with other school documentation at the time of enrolment, and follow the procedures required by the School.
  • The school will notify you of the results of your application as soon as possible. The information you have provided will be used by the school once eligibility is confirmed.
  • Documentary evidence, including court orders relating to your child, may be required to support information supplied.
  • Principals may consult with the Education Regional Office where sufficient evidence has not been supplied.
  • All official records must be in the child’s legal name. The use of a preferred name may be possible for informal communications.

Keeping student records up to date

To assist us in keeping these records up-to-date please inform the school, in writing, if any of the following details have changed since enrolment:

  • Child’s name – supporting documents to be produced
  • Your name
  • Address
  • Telephone (home, work)
  • Emergency contact

Kindergarten 2024

Application Information

Applications for Kindergarten 2024 open on Monday, 8th May 2023 and close on Friday, 28th July 2023. Please read the 'Guideline for Application for Enrolment' above.

If you have a child born between 1st July, 2019 and 30th June 2020, you can complete an Application for Enrolment for Kindergarten 2024.

  1. Complete the application form above (this can be typed into and printed off)
  2. Bring in the completed application form PLUS supporting documentation, (as detailed in the application guidelines above), into the school Administration Office between 10am - 2pm on school days - INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  3. After the Kindergarten application period closes, you will be advised if your application has been accepted and you will then be invited in to complete an Enrolment Pack.




PLEASE NOTE: Enrolment into Kindergarten at Rostrata Primary School does not guarantee a place in Pre-Primary for the following year.  Parents of Kindergarten students will need to re-apply for a position in Pre-Primary for the following year.  These applications will be provided during the year that your child is attending Kindergarten. Students who reside outside the local intake boundary area are not guaranteed a position in the Pre-Primary compulsory year of schooling.


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