Rostrata Primary School acknowledges that effective communication is the key to success in building a positive relationship between home and school and this relationship plays a vital role in the education of our children.

Our school based communication procedures include:

  • A welcome induction to the school for new parents at the commencement of the year.
  • A transition program at the end of the year for kindy and pre-primary parents.
  • Parent/teacher meetings and interviews organised by class teachers at the commencement of the school year.
  • An electronic newsletter produced each fortnight.
  • School website designed to provide information on school policy and procedures and current initiatives.
  • An open invitation throughout the year for parents to make an appointment to meet with a class teacher.
  • Weekly assemblies.
  • Parent forums/workshops.
  • Invitation to parents to participate in organised committees such as the Parents and Citizens Association and School Board.

Face-to-Face contact

Class/Specialist teachers are happy to discuss your child’s:

  • academic progress
  • general behaviour
  • homework
  • assessment
  • attendance
  • social or emotional wellbeing.

Please make an appointment to meet teachers via the school office or directly by email or hard copy letter. This enables both parties to be prepared for the meeting.

Appointments to meet with the Principal or Deputy Principals can be made via the Front Office.

Electronic Contact

Email: Connect

Connect is the Department of Education’s secure online access program. It is the primary means of communication by the school to notify parents of upcoming events. To help us keep you up-to-date with news and emergencies, please ensure correct mobile numbers and email addresses are provided on your child’s enrolment application or by filling out the Connect Registration for Parents form.

  • Staff will utilise Connect as a whole school approach to communicate with parents.
  • Messages will be emailed via Connect to community members using their email addresses currently on record at the school.
  • Message content will appear in emails however, to open attachments parents will login to Connect.

Connect Now, an App available on iTunes Store and Google Play, has the advantage that users are only required to login once. Subsequent messages can be received as push notifications and any attachments can be opened as they are received.


A newsletter is published fortnightly and distributed to parents via Connect. The newsletter provides a wide variety of important information and current news concerning school programs and activities.


The school website contains very comprehensive information and documents relevant for current and prospective parents.

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