Rostrata actively develops our senior students through leadership programs, together with camps and Captains' opportunities.

Many Year 6 students are provided
with roles

Many Year 6 students are provided with roles and opportunities to practise their leadership skills during the year.

All Year 6 students attend a team building camp to encourage resiliance, teamwork and Rostrata CARE Values.

School Captains, who are voted into this position by their peers, are the representatives of the student body. They attend leadership opportunities throughout the year. Their responsibilities include hosting school events, running and participating in school assemblies, making speeches, representing the school at functions and attending a weekly meeting to plan and report on their designated roles. The School Captains are also the Champions of the Your Move program, which is an initiative of the Department of Transport. They help promote active travel to school, through walking, riding and scooting to school in order to alleviate traffic congestion on surrounding roads.

House Captains work closely with the Physical Education staff to maintain sporting equipment, set up for daily Pre Primary fitness, organise equipment for year level sport sessions and assist at all major sporting carnivals. They also report to the student body at school assemblies and make acceptance speeches when their house is victorious.

Another leadership opportunity for the Year 6 students is to work closely with our School Chaplain as a Peer Mediator. They have an important role to play at lunch time, by helping to resolve minor conflicts in the playground. Peer Mediators also demonstrate to the student body, the Rostrata Primary School Behaviour Expectations inside and outside the classroom.

The Rostrata Library Monitors have an active role at lunch time in the school library. They assist the Library Officer by running the circulation desk and maintaining the library. Library monitors also assist staff by supervising lunch time games and activities.

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