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Rostrata actively develops our senior students through extensive leadership programs, together with camps and the Captains Canberra trip.

Many Year 6 Students are provided
with roles

Many Year 6 students are also provided with roles and opportunities to practise their leadership skills during the year.

In Term 2 all Year 6 students attend a three (3) day team building camp held at an external location.

School Captains, who are voted into this position by their peers, are the representatives of the student body. They attend a Civics and Citizenship trip to Canberra for five (5) days. Their responsibilities include hosting school events, running and participating in school assemblies, making speeches, representing the school at functions, organising school based fund raising events, and attending a weekly meeting to plan and report on their designated roles.

Faction Captains work closely with the Physical Education staff to maintain sporting equipment, set up for daily Pre Primary fitness, organise equipment for year level sport sessions and assist at all major sporting carnivals. They also report to the student body at school assemblies and make acceptance speeches when their faction is victorious

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