Co-operation, Achievement, Respect, Endeavour

What does it mean?

A logo is not a literal picture of any specific item but a visual prompt to stir emotions and inspire positive feeling and connections. Our school’s original logo was a symbol of local features, used to develop a new school in the 80s in a growing suburb. Rostrata Primary School is now well into its 4th decade! We continue to be very proud of our school which is a well-known focal point in the suburb, and beyond, for so many of its amazing qualities.

This year, we began the process of taking a fresh look at all that has made our school what it is and to keep it moving forward into the next 30 years. Our new logo and designs draw inspiration from the original leaves and gumnuts to connect with our history and refreshes the original colours to link past, present and future.

Our school community created an acronym using the initial letters of values and qualities that we wanted to model, encourage, and embed into the school’s ethos. CARE is the word that was made and caring is what Rostrata has become known for. It has become part of our school’s everyday language and action. Our new logo inspires us to connect with those special Rostra values of co-operation, achievement, respect and endeavour.

Cooperation:  A community is like a circle, able to hold its shape on its own, no-one higher or better or more than any other part of the whole. Cooperation is bringing your strengths, skills and compassion to share or give support to others so together you are stronger and more effective. Like caring for others in a team or a class, caring for our garden and environment and taking good care of ourselves.

The elements in our new logo form the circle of our community of students, staff and parents. The leaves are open arms ready to care and work with others, care for our buddies and our environment. The logo has a bold centre point; it is a visual reminder of our school as a steady point in your school life - you can think of it as a place, a class, a teacher or a friend.

Achievement means reaching out to be the best you can be; celebrating all the little steps you take to reach a goal; celebrating the effort you put in and accepting any challenges along the way. Rostrata helps us in all different ways to achieve in our academic efforts or our social interactions to be the best we can be and to keep moving forward.

Our logo is open, not closed in, helping us imagine we have room to grow and become more than we are now; having achieved so much to this point, how far can we go?

Respect is what we can feel and do to show others how we value them. Using our best manners and behaviour inside and outside the classroom; fairness to others; playing with good humour and having a positive attitude even when things don’t turn out how we want or expect.

Our logo is symmetrical and is made up of an ordered pattern of different but repeated shapes and colours. Just as our school is made up of people of different ages, backgrounds and skills, we value and respect how we all work together to create a strong bond from kindergarten to graduation.

Endeavour is the effort you put in when you really commit to trying your hardest, to listening to your friends, to take turns; to be best-finished not first-finished. Endeavour is engaging in being part of something, not standing back and waiting for someone else to make things better or different, but having a go on your own as a start, knowing that you can always ask for help.

Just like in the logo, we put our backs together, to support each other, as we turn out to the wider world, knowing that we have support behind us to help us keep going.

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