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The focus of the BYO iPad program at Rostrata Primary School is to provide tools and resources to the 21st-Century Learner

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A successful BYO program requires technology to be seamlessly integrated throughout the school’s curriculum. Increased access to technology is essential for teaching students skills for a future in which, as societal trends suggest, digital literacy is key. The individual use of personal devices is a way to empower students to work to their full potential and develop essential learning habits with the support of digital tools. Students in Year 2-6 are part of the BYO iPad program at Rostrata. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 use banks of school provided iPads to enhance learning.

Learning results from continuous dynamic interaction among students, educators, parents and the extended community. Technology immersion does not diminish the vital role of the teacher. On the contrary, it transforms the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator of learning. Effective teaching and learning with technology integrates technology into the curriculum any time, any place.


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BYO & School Owned Technology Student User Agreement
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Digital Contracts

Paul Litherland, one of Australia's leading experts on Internet Awareness and 2022 WA Australian of the Year, has developed and provided to Rostrata these contract tools that have been developed for parents - to give them suitable guidelines to create good boundaries for their children and to help keep them safe and accountable online.

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