In accordance with the School Education Act 1999, schools are required to determine and outline the anticipated financial costs of the educational programs at the school.

The Rostrata School Board has endorsed the following schedule of Voluntary Contributions and Charges for 2020.

rostrata contributions

These include:

  1. Voluntary Contributions
  2. Charges for optional activities
  3. Voluntary approved requests
  4. Items for personal use in the educational program
  5. Charges for other optional activities – selected students
  6. Non educational optional costs

Voluntary Contributions

Under the Act, Primary Schools may request up to $60 per child.

The Rostrata School Board has endorsed a voluntary contribution for 2020 of $60 per child.

Payment of voluntary contributions will be requested either upon enrolment or at the beginning of the school year. These funds help us add value to our learning programs at Rostrata by supplementing resources across the eight curriculum learning areas as per our Business Plan.

Charges for Optional Activities

Charges refer to the provision of extra cost optional activities which are part of an educational program and which voluntary contributions do not cover.  These amounts can vary from year to year and are an estimate only.  The amounts indicated would be the maximum for the activities.

An email via Consent to Go detailing an activity and charges will be sent at the time of the activity and payment will be required prior to the event taking place.

Download a copy of our Contributions and Voluntary Charges documentation.


Payment for Voluntary Contributions, Charges and Voluntary approved requests are requested at the start of the school year.

Payments can be made via Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, EFT transfer and Credit Card.

Payments can be made in instalments by prior arrangement – further information will be available at the start of the 2020 school year.

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